Guilty Spot = Best Gift

I found this guilty-looking puppy with a gift bow from google image!

This year, among all the wonderful gifts I received for my birthday, the most special one was a pre-natal massage gift certificate from my friend Vanessa. She was so thoughtful to come up with the idea, and took the effort to find EarthBody, a 5-star rating spa on yelp review that is conveniently located in my neighborhood.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience during my Christmas long weekend and felt very relaxed and pampered afterwards.

This whole experience reminded me of an article on the Wall Street Journal a few weeks ago , called The Secret to the Best Gifts by Dan Ariely . (You can also read the same article on his personal blog here.)

The main point of the article is that "A good gift is something that someone really wants but feels guilty buying for themselves. This perspective is interesting because it suggests that the ideal gift is not something that the recipient can't afford or didn't know she wanted. It all comes down to alleviating guilt. "

In this pre-natal massage case, I am living proof of this theory. I certainly can afford that one hour massage; I obvious know that my 9-month pregnant body is in need of a massage. But, I just feel guilty about buying it for myself!

Thank you again, Vanessa. And I would actually recommend this to everyone who needs to buy a gift to an expecting mom, too!

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