Baby Talk

What is inside my belly... at week 12. It was only about 2.5 inch long.

During my hiatus from the blog, I was busy growing a baby inside me. The first 4 months of the pregnancy was hard. This thing took a lot of energy from me both emotionally and physically. I am happy to announce it here that we are having a baby who is due to come out next January!

Here are some humorous conversations I've had about the baby --

At our very first ultrasound exam...
Technician: Here is the fetus. Do you see that blinking spot?
Me: (very excited) Yes! Is the baby waving at us?
Technician: No, that's the heart beating.
Albert: (remained silent, but thought that my question might have been the dumbest ever.)

On the phone with my dad after my complaining about losing weight and appetite due to the all-day morning sickness...
My dad: You need to eat more. Don't starve your baby.
Me: You don't understand! I am not starving the baby. The baby is starving me!

One night at home with Albert...
Me: How come I don't feel the baby kicking yet? According to the book, I should be feeling it now already.
Albert: The baby is either polite like me and doesn't want to hurt or disturb you. Or he is lazy like you and doesn't like to move.

On the phone with my mom after finding out that it's a boy, not a girl...
Me: I am actually sad.
My mom: Well, even though a boy will not be as cute as a girl, but let me tell you -- girls are extremely difficult to deal with when they are older!
Me: Um... are you referring to me?

I am now in the second trimester and am feeling much better now. Will try to blog about this new experience more in the future. Just want to share the news with you!

Added in December 2010 --

12/8 morning: When the baby was non-stop kicking me, I asked Albert to sing a song to the baby. Without even thinking about it, he went, "baby baby, baby hit me one more time!" I was speechless because of his choice of Britney Spears and his horrible singing...

12/14 evening: The nursing bras I ordered online finally arrived. Albert asked me "What kind of bras are those?" I said, "Nursing bras for breast feeding." He then said, "How come nursing bras are not sexy?" (-_-) I slowly trurned around and shortened all the words I wanted to say to him into 3, "I hate you."

By the way, this is the "not-so-sexy"nursing bra I ordered.

Bravado's Body Silm Seamless Nursing Bra was highly recommended by many of my girlfriends. I ordered a small one and a medium just to be safe. They are on sale at Target.com now!

For gentle support during sleep (if your baby allows you to), you don't need a fancy bra. Something like this from Medela would be good.

PS: I sent this first baby picture to a friend of mine and he replied..
"Wow. This is the most perfect looking ultrasound I have ever seen. My father’s a gynecologist and I have seen a lot of ultrasounds, but this one may be the best. Great picture! Love it! "

I also really like this picture, too. Big belly and skinny legs, just like me now. : )


PP said...

It's great to see you blogging about the experience. You're very humorous Alice! Your baby will be as cute (if not cuter) as you.

Ting said...

Cute cute cute!! I like looking at my ultrasound pictures too! Boys tend to have big belly, haha. So adorable! I'm approaching 36 weeks now. He is moving so much in my belly, but this is a sweet burden:)

joyce said...


Congratulations! You are going to be such a good mom. It seems like just yesterday that Auntie Ai Chu, Ai Yu, Audrey, Uncle Wintson, Roger, and Sandra and I were caravan-ing up to Vancouver for your wedding!

Love from your cousin (currently in DC)
xoxox Joyce

yuhui said...

Hey Alice,
Sorry that I kept forgetting calling you! I was busy for the past couple weeks and am just came back from Japan.
Congrats again! I'll definitely call you sometime during this weekend!

Wonderland Alice said...

Peggy, Thank you for liking my blog. Congrats on your cutie pie!!

Ting, I see that you are ALMOST there! hanging there and happy birthday, too. :)

Joyce!! so happy to see you here. hope to get together soon. If it's next year, you will get to play with the new baby as well.

Yuhui, thank you for finding me and calling me. It was great catching up with you after all these years.


Andrew Cheng said...

Alice! You are too funny. Hope all is well! Look forward to seeing the little one. BTW, I think he was waving at you ;)

Wonderland Alice said...

ANDREW! Only you understand that he was really waving at me, with his heart, right?!!! :) Look forward to introducing the baby to uncle Andrew very soon.

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