Are people good or bad?

I did something wonderful last week.

Strictly speaking, it wasn't me who did that wonderful thing, but I was the person who came up with the idea and found the right person to do it.

Among the never-ending requests from his busy and stressful job, my request popped out, and he happily said yes.

When I got his email agreeing to make the donation, I took a deep breath before I stepped out of my office and called for my boss to tell him the good news. I then sent an email to my colleagues who are working on this project in a small village in frozen Mongolia. (They later on wrote to me saying that it was the heartwarming news that they needed the most.)

Afterwards, I put myself back to my own space and took a moment to remind myself one thing -- people all have an unselfish and giving side.

Having this belief seems to be the minimum requirement for any fundraiser for any charitable organization, but it was not given in my situation. A couple of years ago when I got out of business school, I remember getting mad at someone and telling myself "just like how some people are naturally nice, some people are also naturally bad."

Ever since then, like a researcher, I have been collecting evidence, counter-evidence, and taking mental notes here and there, trying to prove or disprove this belief.

This donor is so busy that I don't even take one extra second thanking him too much. So please allow me to thank him here. It is people like him, a story like this one, that keeps the philanthropic world going. I am grateful to have experienced this.

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