Before & After -- 2009

2009 was a very meaningful year to my career development. I left the financial industry and rejoined the not-for-profit world, as stated in my business school application back in 2004. Friends who had a chance to hang out with me before and after the job switch have noticed some major differences.

Here to share with my dear readers and anyone who is thinking about switching between the for-profit and not-for-profit jobs:

Before & After 2009 --

1. People tell me I look more relaxed in a more lively way. I think maybe it's because I wear very little makeup and very little jewelry now. (I also gained some weight and get to sleep more.)

2. I went from being one of the lowest paid employees in the company, to one of the highest paid employees in the organization. (it's all relative...oh I also donate more now.)

3. I used to work with people's greed and fear (especially true in the banking world); now I work with people's generosity and desire to help others.

4. The major source of pressure in my old job was not making enough money for my employer and my clients; now I am bothered by the fact that people not have basic access to clean air, water, education, freedom, human right, security, etc, because I didn't do a perfect job.

5. In my old job, when I saw imperfections, I suspected they were there by design. In my current job, when I saw imperfections, I suspect negligence.

6. I used to read horoscope predictions whenever I came across them in the magazines. I have stopped reading them since the day I left the financial industry. (don't ask me why, I am just telling you an interesting fact that I didn't discover until now.)

7. I used to stare at the "empty half" of the glass; now I need to develop the wisdom to appreciate the "full half" of the glass.

8. I used to spend all of my time and mind doing work; now I have time to keep this blog and do more!

Please don't take this list too seriously. I definitely over analyzed the situation.

There are no good or bad jobs; there are only well-suited or ill-suited jobs.

Hope you are having a great start of 2010.

PS: Here is where I found these cartoons.


lqq said...

such a contrast! and the new job matches with your personality and passion so much better! btw i figured how to use vpn+proxy to get freedom in china :)

Jamie Lin said...

Great post. Very happy for you. And thanks for your contribution to this world's GDH (Gross Domestic Happiness).

Wonderland Alice said...

Dear Amy,

Congrats on the newly found freedom online from where you are.

Miss you and happy for your big news, too!


Wonderland Alice said...

Welcome to the wonderland, Mr. Jamie! It is such a honor.(http://mrjamie.pixnet.net/blog)

GDH is indeed a good way to look at it. At the end of the day, people produce GDP mostly to get some happiness in some shape or form anyway?

I think you are also having fun doing what you do now. Congrats!