Greece Adventure -- Day 5 -- most romantic sunset in the world

Sunset in Fira, Santorini

If you type in "most romantic sunset in the world" on google (or bing.com), this is what you will see -- Santorini.

As much as we didn't want to leave Crete and our beautiful resort, we really looked forward to visiting Santorini. On this day, we returned the car at the port in Crete, and took the hydrofoil ferry to Santorini.

The hotel we stayed at was quite special. We chose a hotel that was not in the popular city by the ocean, therefore we got bigger space, a newer building, and a quiet atmosphere. As a trade off, we didn't get the water view and we couldn't walk to the beaches because we lived in the middle of the island, next to a small winery.

View from our villa's window on the second floor.

Me pretending to write postcards in the living room. Just want to give you some idea of how serene the atmosphere was.

Take a look at the hotel's official website for more pictures. Hotel Vedema was definitely a charming place.

Contrary to the excitement and unknown challenges from Crete, Santorini felt more like the typical Greek vacation I imagined. Everyone was warm and happy. Nobody was in a hurry or trying very hard to get things done. I naturally slowed down my pace and just started wandering around all day. We checked into the hotel, walked around the nearby small town, and ate lunch at a small restaurant next to the owner's home winery. Before dinner time, we took the hotel shuttle bus into the big city, Fira.

There you are! The Greek island I have always wanted to see with my own eyes.

A picture paints a thousand words.

I could stare at this view forever...

After this picture was taken, we found a small cafe next door with a great view of the sunset. I took a series of pictures, including the first one in this entry. The weather was warm and breezy; the music at the cafe was cheerful and light. I was sipping a cup of hot tea, and eating chocolate ice cream (turned out to be my dinner). I don't know what the word "romantic" really stands for, and I have not travelled the whole world to see all the sunsets, but I am pretty sure this one is hard to beat.

PS: The famous sunset spot in Santorini is actually in another city called, Oia. We went the next day, but didn't see anything due to the heavy clouds.

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