Books for Asia -- updated on 11/4/09

Original Post on 10/20/09 --

I went to work this morning with a minor headache and severe sore throat. In the middle of the flu season, it was understandable that everyone in the office told me to go home.

Right before I was about to step out, a friend and colleague, John, came to my office. He wanted to show me this new video that his team had just filmed in Thailand. I told him about my sickness and he said "I am a strong man! I can handle this. And I really want to show you what we've got here!"

This film not only brightened up my day, but also reminded me of the meaning of my job.

Here it is: Asia Foundation Books for Asia video page and the voting page Vote before 10/31 and stay in touch. Here is an insider scoop -- all the voters will get to see another video clip of our colleagues in Thailand really giving out the book of your choice! We will do two more of these campaigns featuring Bangladesh and Mongolia later this year, too.

Thank you for spending 3 minutes to be touched.

Next time, I will try to get Winnie the Pooh to win! Read this blog entry to find out why.

Updated on 11/4 --

People loved this campaign! Over 5000 people voted, and The Asia Foundation's Fan Page on Facebook now has about 10,000 fans, compared to only 600 before this video campaign. Thank you all for your support!

The winning books were delivered!! Here is the new video with a small surprise, too.


Anonymous said...

cool, Alice! Looking forward to the new video on November 23rd. Is that the surprise?

Wonderland Alice said...

I am glad you like it. Did you see the small library (looked like a tree house in the video) that the school built recently? That was the surprise to me. And we are giving them more books, too.

lqq said...

i am so touched. what a meaningful initiative! keep it up and hope to see more and more campaigns like this in the future.