Greece Adventure -- departure

Departure – leaving almost everything behind

I can’t remember my last real vacation. It was always - can’t be away from school, can’t afford to be away from work, or can’t leave the country because of my visa status. When I finally had time to take breaks, it was usually visiting family and friends back in Asia, or attending weddings.

Albert and I realized that we ran out of excuses this time. Our jobs are now both vacation-friendly, our visa statuses are both secured, and our families and friends seem to believe we need a vacation more then they need to see us. So, we made an effort to have a long and real vacation. Now, where to?

Back in high school, I fell in love with Greece the first time I laid my eyes on this photo album called Cats of the Greek Islands by Hans Silvester. How can a place so calm, so relaxing, so charming, and so full of happiness exists in this world? The clear blue skies, white buildings reflecting the sunshine, the ocean views; every one of those pictures were the exact opposite from the place where I grew up.

We chose to travel in early September, because it would not be too hot, not too crowded, and tickets and hotels would be cheaper. We planned to spend 9 days and 8 nights in Greece.

Home --> Athens 1 night --> Crete 3 nights --> Santorini 3 nights --> Athens 1 night --> Home

We did minimal planning before the trip. Outside of hotel bookings and travel arrangements between the islands, nothing else was planned before the departure. I purposely did not even read any travel guides; instead I read two travel journals, one from a Japanese author, and one from a Taiwanese writer. From those stories that happened in Greece, I know what kind of feelings to expect when I get there, but have no idea what I will be doing or seeing in Greece. This will be a real adventure!


Alice said...

Have fun! It is beautiful there in September!

Anonymous said...

That sounds sooo wonderful.
Adventure in Greece.
I am sure you're gonna enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

Did you visit Donna Sheridan or the lovely Sophie Sheridan??

Anonymous said...

Hey, I couldn't enlarge the picture to find you!!! Please fix the damn thing!

Wonderland Alice said...

Alice and Frida,

I saw your comments while I was in Greece!!! Super happy. Thanks for saying hi.

Hello anonymous reader,

I think you were talking about that Theater picture on Day 2's entry -- just fixed it. Go find me there please. : )

ricesu said...

You really had a wonderful vacation!
Even when I haven't gone to the beach or touched any swimming water, this summer has already gone! :(

Did you see any cat in Greece?

Wonderland Alice said...

Dear Ricesu,

Thank you for sending me that book about Greece! It's the book in my picture on Day 3's entry.

I really regret not traveling/vacationing more in the past. We need to make efforts to do that and see the world outside of our own circles.

Of course I saw a lot of cats!!! more about the Greek cats later.

Miss you much, Alice