The Enemy of Great

The Fashion Show on Bravo TV has become my guilty pleasure in the past 2 months.

Last night, it was the season finale and I like all 3 of the finalists --
Anna, who won the competition, is humble and under-stated, but yet so lovable and has an eye for runway styles that are also marketable. Daniella, is brave, young, powerful and full of potential. James-Paul is an intellectual fashionista, who stays true to himself, where he came from, and where he wants to be. He said that he has the rest of his life to make pretty clothes, but only has this one chance to make a statement in front of the world.

I admire his wisdom and this got me thinking -- what are the things I can always do in the future? And what are things that I only have one chance to do now?

Glenda Bailey, Editor-in-Chief Harper's Bazaar, was one of the toughest judges. But Glenda said that she was helping these designers by giving them constructive criticisms. She said, "Good is the biggest enemy of great", which made me think about all the things I thought I was good at and how I stopped becoming better for that exact reason.

If you are into fashion and drama, this show is for you!

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lqq said...

Guess what I picked up over the past weekend - Brigette Lin's Qiong Yao Movies... Totally amazed by Brigette's beauty. And somewhat enjoyed those romantic but a little unreal and selfish (you can call it 'destined') Qiong Yao style love stories.